Smart Guidelines For Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle!


Buying a car is a HUGE decision! Most people buy a used car because it's where some of the greatest deals can be found. But make sure you don't set yourself up for some disappointing surprises...

Some of the common problems that people have are:

Not sticking to a set budget.

Figure out what you are comfortable paying for...including insurance. While we all went the newest, greatest features, expenses add up quick on technology, gas and maintenance, and insurance! What is the payoff in gas for insurance on an SUV? What is the difference in insurance on a convertible sports car versus the gas? The cost of a car goes beyond what you see. Don't be afraid to voice these concerns to us at the dealership. We can't quote you insurance rates, but we can give you a good idea that a Ford Focus will have cheaper insurance than a Ferarri! Better yet, come prepared with some estimates from your own insurance.

Known what you are approved for.

Be confident about your budget and know your finances from the start. Whether you are coming in already financed, or would like to know about our incentives on getting finance, know what you are approved for (or having a good guess) can set many straight from the beginning. Many people leave dealerships because they had their hopes set on being approved for a 2019 Tahoe only to find out that with zero down, not-so-great credit and insurance rates are too high. Does that mean you can't have a Tahoe OR another SUV? Absolutely not! But if you came in for that one vehicle and you aren't approved, you'll likely be disappointed and set yourself up for a bad experience.

What are Your Must Haves?

If you grew up in the icy north, a must have might be 4-Wheel or All-Wheel drive or if you are pulling a camper or horse trailer, a 4-cylinder sedan may not be the right vehicle for you. Know what you need ahead of time and know what your non-negotiables are...and then tell us! A two-door coupe is really inconvenient if you have a larger family and you might love leather seats for easy cleaning...what is a must have versus a want? You might NEED a 4-door SUV but you may have to settle for cloth seats if leather doesn't fit the budget.

Test Drive the Car.

Never consider a vehicle without test driving! We've heard horror stories about people buying online and seeing the vehicle in person they had rust on the under carriage, cigarette holes in the seats, and some weird funky smell that never came out. Test drive the vehicle someplace fast, slow, and in reverse before you decide you like the car. In fact, it makes us a little weirded out if you don't. (But rest assured, we'll sell you a car anyway if you insist).

Come Prepared.

If you know you are ready to go, come with the right paperwork in hand! Call us ahead of time to ask what we need to make sure the process goes fast and smooth! For example, get a payoff amount for 10 days on the vehicle if it isn't paid off (if it is, have a title ready to go). Also have your insurance on hand so when you do purchase the car you want, you are ready to go! There are other things like driver's license that you'll need, but ask us so everyone is ready!


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